Check Point

Check Point secures the future with industry leading security products for Threat Prevention, Mobility, Firewalls, Security Management and more. Their products protect individuals, SMBs and large data center enterprises.

The industry leading product suite on the market with a graphical approach that everyone is still trying to copy 25 years later.




The industry leading and most powerful logging tool. No web browser limitations. Just the fastest and most flexible logging tool available.



“Antivirus is dead” so why are you still using it? Maybe you keep using it because it is what you are used to, and you are hoping for the best. We have a better idea: why not look into the next generation of endpoint protection? That is where SentinelOne is uniquely positioned. SentinelOne’s EDR agent uses a unique Execution Engine to watch the behavior of files and processes. Anything suspicious is immediately shutdown, documented, and brought to your attention.

SentinelOne will show you exactly what happened (forensics), and why it shutdown that previously unknown piece of malware that slipped past your antivirus scan, and outsmarted your latest “sandbox” technology.


Forensics: Attack Overview


Forensics: Attack Storyline


Forensics: Raw Data






Our customers using SentinelOne have pretty much eliminated all malware. Imagine no more ransomware: it is that simple. Contact us for a PoC and see why Netflix and other major companies are making the switch.



Simply put, THE best firewall auditing, workflow and orchestration product available. Incredibly easy to setup with powerful results. If you have not had a recent firewall policy review, and/or relied solely on human-based audits you need to incorporate this tool into your overall security program.

Security Policy Cleanup and OptimizationOptimization Example

  • Automatically identify unused rules and objects and much more
    Optimize the security policy by consolidating similar rules
    Improve firewall performance by reordering rules based on frequency of matched traffic
    Tighten overly permissive rules based on actual traffic – without impacting business requirement

Simplify Firewall Audits and Ensure Continuous ComplianceCompliance Example

  • Reduce the cost and time to audit firewall rules by as much as 80%
  • Get instant visibility into the firewall audit compliance status for regulations and corporate standards
  • Automatically identify non-compliant rules and see steps for remediation
  • Ensure a complete audit trail of all firewall changes and approval processes

Algosec Risk ExampleFirewall Risk Management

  • Gain an instant, prioritized view of all risks in the firewall policy
  • Leverage the broadest database of known risks and best practices, with the flexibility to add customized risk profiles
  • Automatically analyze every proposed policy change for risk – before it is implemented
  • Securely decommission business applications
  • Monitor changes in real-time and receive alerts on risky or unauthorized changes
  • Prevent security gaps by ensuring correct configuration of network devices

Security Change ManagementPolicy Push Example

  • Automate the entire change process and reduce the time to process requests by up to 60%
    Align various stakeholders for improved accuracy, accountability and governance
    Understand the impact of business application changes on the network
    Ensure changes adhere to the corporate security policy and regulatory standards
    Automatically implement recommended policy changes to save time and avoid manual errors

Firewall policy optimization is usually less expensive than most organization might expect, and the results are always eye-opening. Contact Fireverse about running a 30-day analysis at [email protected]