Simply put, THE best firewall auditing, workflow and orchestration product available. Incredibly easy to setup with powerful results. If you have not had a recent firewall policy review, and/or relied solely on human-based audits you need to incorporate this tool into your overall security program.

Security Policy Cleanup and OptimizationOptimization Example

  • Automatically identify unused rules and objects and much more
  • Optimize the security policy by consolidating similar rules
  • Improve firewall performance by reordering rules based on frequency of matched traffic
  • Tighten overly permissive rules based on actual traffic – without impacting business requirement

Simplify Firewall Audits and Ensure Continuous ComplianceCompliance Example

  • Reduce the cost and time to audit firewall rules by as much as 80%
  • Get instant visibility into the firewall audit compliance status for regulations and corporate standards
  • Automatically identify non-compliant rules and see steps for remediation
  • Ensure a complete audit trail of all firewall changes and approval processes

Algosec Risk ExampleFirewall Risk Management

  • Gain an instant, prioritized view of all risks in the firewall policy
  • Leverage the broadest database of known risks and best practices, with the flexibility to add customized risk profiles
  • Automatically analyze every proposed policy change for risk – before it is implemented
  • Securely decommission business applications
  • Monitor changes in real-time and receive alerts on risky or unauthorized changes
  • Prevent security gaps by ensuring correct configuration of network devices

Security Change ManagementPolicy Push Example

  • Automate the entire change process and reduce the time to process requests by up to 60%
  • Align various stakeholders for improved accuracy, accountability and governance
  • Understand the impact of business application changes on the network
  • Ensure changes adhere to the corporate security policy and regulatory standards
  • Automatically implement recommended policy changes to save time and avoid manual errors

Firewall policy optimization is usually less expensive than most organization might expect, and the results are always eye-opening. Contact Fireverse about running a 30-day analysis.