Check Point – The industry leading firewall technology and the core of what we do here at Fireverse. Consistently rated as “visionary” by Gartner, while delivering the best security with the least amount of vulnerabilities. Always the one that the competition is chasing. Why work with anything else?

SentinelOne – The most exciting thing to happen to the desktop in years. This is exactly where the industry needs to be, and SentinelOne is the only one that delivers. Finally, a product that provides true endpoint protection, a deep forensics toolset, and industry leading remediation options. No legacy AV databases. No “math” engines trying to guess what an application is going to do. No sandbox limitations. Dealing with ransomware and other nasties? Our customers sleep well at night.


CyberArkPass the Hash is over 20 years old, and you are still vulnerable to it…unless you are using CyberArk. Change the way you manage privileged accounts by centralizing them with a secured/monitored jump server and a password vault. Take a look at why CyberArk is the “go to” product of the Fortune 500.

Algosec – THE best firewall auditing solution on the market. Period. Algosec provides auditing, workflow, and orchestration for your network. Most customers we work with have firewall policies and network gear configurations that are over a decade old. That meas thousands of changes, from dozens (hundreds?) of administrators. Bring your network back into compliance with a suite of tools that will instantly and intelligently show how to manage change in your environment.

Restorepoint – Backups are exciting again. Seriously. With over 120 vendors supported, Restorepoint is the best agentless backup and restore product in the industry. Take your DR program to a new level with a centralized approach that provides scheduled backups, validation, “one click restore”, device monitoring and more. The most cost effective and easiest to use secure backup/restore solution on the market.